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    Edit: Actually, I should probably (dis)qualify my statement first. I think what I'm experiencing maybe floating-point errors throwing off the combat resolution wildly. What version of MSVC runtime are the games compiled with? I see some have msvcrt's from 2000, vcb6? It's important that I have the correct library installed as I'm running Napoleonic Battles games from WINE for LInux.

    NB deserves a major code update. There are way too many bugs and logic issues within NB in it's current state to make it enjoyable. As feedback the units are able to move mostly without problems (pathing is broken in some ways). Once battle commences though the tactical engine is too flawed and causes a series of logical problems which makes every PBEM (only actual method of playing due to AI being totally incompetent) match fall apart with exploitative manuevers. Is there room for a bug list on this forum and will it possibly be followed up upon some time in the future?
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